In pursuit of The GSE & HSI vision and mission, the Board of Trustees, the Board of Directors, the Institute Council and Board of Studies, the Institute Management Team and Technical Working Groups commits themselves to the following Shared Core Values for leadership in all aspects of internal and external operations, with all faculty, academic and non-academic employee, students, partners, service providers and customers. Much import will be attached to these values, underpinning our behavior and inform the way we work together with our clients:


  • Professionalism and Diligence – dedicated to quality, excellence and competence with distinctive work ethics and code of conduct, value added efforts for the best of our students and clients, through exercising objectivity by being open, basing our advice and decisions on unbiased and rigorous analysis of the evidence in the execution of duties;


  • Productivity and Commitment – orientated towards development with conviction of pledge to duty by way of efficient and effective service delivery in all our primary themes, being honest, truthful and declaring all private interests relating to duties;


  • Research, Innovativeness, and Creativity – reflected in our intellectual curiosity, new ideas and forms of expression, openness to pursuit of inquiry and discovery of knowledge, willingness to take risks in entrepreneurial project strides;


  • Stewardship, Reliability and Accountability – committed to action of loyalty, professional ethical compliance, quality service delivery, responsibility based on sustainable insights – promoting efficient, economic and effective use of resources by being responsible to the Institute decisions and actions taken, and submitting to whatever scrutiny is appropriate to one’s office;


  • Transparency and Collaboration – open to scrutiny environment, honest and non-judgmental dialogue of interdisciplinary approach, focused on internal and external partnerships with progressive feedback of transparent with timely, accessible and accurate information, through trustworthy and not revealing or disclosing privileged information;


  • Morality and Integrity – Putting the obligations of The GSE & HSI above our personal interests, conducting ourselves in a manner that is beyond reproach, that reflect adherence to the highest ethical standards in our personal and professional behavior, committed to governance and principles of modest, sound and loyal in all our duties, with sincerity dealings with one another and with clients – responding to people’s needs and encouraging participation in policy matters;
  • Teamwork and Equity – solidarity and impartiality, embracing diversity of culture and climate that seeks, welcomes, and advances talented minds from a global community background of partners and stakeholders, and maximize potential service delivery through cultivating good interpersonal relationship practices, maximize human potential and acting solely according to the merits of the case and serving the public fairly;


  • Courtesy, Autonomy and Collegiality – mutual respect, recognizing collective efforts and shared responsibilities that cultivates individual and institutional integrity, governed by the democratic values and principles, considerate to the needs, beliefs, opinions and rights of others whether juniors, equals, peers, or superiors, and the public in general;


  • Inclusiveness and Unity – environment of belonging to The GSE & HSI in one accord with non-discrimination of any kind both at individual(s) or group(s) level in the best interests of our students and clients in meeting their needs, delivering services impartially, fairly, equitably and without biasness, selflessness, being noble and avoid seeking personal gain or benefits for our family or friends through our official position.