For each of the above objectives, appropriate leadership through quality assurance and quality improvement, are charged with specific strategies, benchmarks, timelines, and means of assessment.

Principle and Philosophy

The Principle of The GSE & HSI is that everyone is expected to carry out his or her roles and responsibilities with dedication and commitment to the public. This will be measured by fulfilling lawful obligations to the Institute with professionalism while adhering to the principles of natural justice.

The Philosophy of GSE & HSI is to ensure “Professionalism and Proficiency”, the “Value for Advancement and Development”.

The GSE & HSI endeavors to fulfil the business principle and philosophy by achieving the Integrated Management Systems, focusing on:

  • Consistency within the organization
  • Improving internal and external communications
  • Avoiding duplications to ensure cost savings
  • Manage potential risks by being proactive rather reactive
  • Exposing conflicting objectives
  • Identifying and rationalizing conflicting responsibility
  • Gaining structure balance of authority and power
  • Focus on organization needs rather than business goals
  • Creating and formalization of informal systems
  • Harmonizing and optimizing best practices
  • Identifying and facilitate employee training and development