The principal business is in Education, Training, Tuitions, Research and Consultancy as approved by Patent Company Registration Agency [PACRA] (Appendix IV) and that includes Entrepreneurship in our line of business.


The GSE & HSI will offer a range of career and professional programs in the following sectors: Agriculture and Natural Resources; Business Management and Entrepreneurship; Education and Applied Sciences; Humanities and Social Sciences; Medical and Health Sciences; Technology and Engineering Sciences fields.


These programs will range from Certificate to Diploma level for now, and latter upgraded to degree programs. The Institute will also offer tailored short courses for capacity building and continuous professional development.


Additionally the Institute intends to provide skills educational programs, training and tuitions to develop youths through various academic directorates and centers that will uphold children, youth and adult development through literacy learning.


  • Target


The GSE & HSI primary target will be basically secondary and/or high school levers. However, the school dropouts’ women, men and youths are inclusive with no discrimination or prejudice to color, creed, tribe, race or nationality, gender, religion, political or organization affiliation.


The GSE & HSI has designed two directorates; The Directorate for In-Service Tailored Short Courses & Skills Learning Programs targeting the “have been to school” youths and adults, and the “drop out of school”, the “have not been to school”, for skills short courses that will support the target livelihood, in line with Technical, Vocation Education and Training Authority [TEVETA] programs and project-based skills.


The Institute has also in place The Directorate for Tuitions & Literacy Learning Programs designed to provide children, youth and adult literacy. There are Orphaned and Vulnerable Children [OVC] and, the  Deprived and Excluded Youths [DEY] that the Institute has heart for, they missed the opportunities by circumstances, and working with Non-Governmental Organizations, sponsors, well-wishers, we pledge our effort to provide and accord these groups the opportunities like any other deserving person through our 10% contribution on every profit made.


The secondary target groups are already skilled professionals, needing to be supported through institutionalized tuition, research and consultancy, and through in-services short course programs, preparing them academically, professionally and build their personal success through quality career-focused of their lifetime.


  • Focus


All the programs The GSE & HSI will offer will focus on:


  • Effective instructions that uphold user-friendly teaching and learning methods, and acceptable technology to strengthen student academic outcomes


  • Providing an atmosphere of learning that will enhance the students’ ability to demonstrate ethical and moral values in both professional and personal situations


  • Providing students with a variety of resources including, but not limited to instructional tutored, course study sessions, online training and continued program guidance


  • Providing appropriate educational resources and facilities to support the delivery of teaching, learning, assessment, examinations, research and consultancy


  • Evaluating and updating curricula, programs and courses in response to identified industry needs acquired through community and industry resources in collaboration with regulatory authorities


  • Maintaining facilities that meet the needs of students, faculty and employee


  • Maintaining qualified faculty members who will provide high quality instructions focused on a strong academic base and workplace readiness


  • Providing faculty with the necessary resources for professional and personal development


  • Providing on-going career services to current and graduate students through individual and group advisement sessions


  • Accommodating diverse needs of students entering or retraining for the workforce by aiding students in developing the technical and soft skills needed to excel in the present-day job market


  • Building and maintaining professional relationships with employers ensuring graduate preparedness for industry specific hiring requirements


The Institute complements efforts in the delivery of quality healthcare training programs by bringing to the health sector tangible and intangible human, material, financial resources, innovation, and more importantly, partnership of care.  The GSE & HSI believes that priority in the provision of health training programs and other sectors should be given to all including the poor, and the underserved in the rural and hard to reach areas of Zambia.